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Review- NES Remix 2 (Wii U)


Springtime. A time to celebrate all things new- baseball, resurrection, flowers in the ground, leaves on trees, and a fresh batch of retro craziness with NES Remix 2. One thing is certain; no one can accuse Nintendo of neglecting “sequels.” For better or worse, the big N has churned out many throughout the years. Does NES Remix 2 rise to the occasion like Super Mario Bros. 3  and Super Metroid or is it merely a shadow of its namesake like Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards?


            I can finally play a “new” hockey game on a Nintendo console…

First things first- the line up of games in NES Remix 2 is better than that of its predecessor. There is no Wrecking Crew in the mix this time. Anyone who grew up blowing on cartridges will be familiar with all of the titles represented in NES Remix 2.  


          Just like a gamer’s collection in 1990 (minus SMB/DUCKHUNT ) 

How does it look? If you have played the original titles (and who hasn’t ?) and/or NES Remix, you know what to expect. Iconic old school visuals emulated for HD displays and remix modes which add icing to the cake. Even the clipping that became a norm as the NES aged and its games got bigger is represented in all it glory.

How does it sound? Not much to mention here. All the classics sound great and the NES Remix theme song makes a welcome return.

How does it play? Many of the titles represented are platform games. So, the challenges tend to be a bit longer and more in depth than the experience in NES Remix. The games control perfectly and every controller option is available from the get-go (I believe this was patched in on the first game after release). You can now watch videos of other players completing each challenge. This is a welcome addition to the excellent Miiverse support the first game offered. Speaking of the first game, if you own that title you will also get Championship Mode and Super Luigi Bros. when you purchase NES Remix 2. Championship Mode gives you a glimpse of what the 1990 Nintendo World Championship was like without having to spend a bazillion dollars on a time machine (or the original NES cart). Super Luigi Bros. carries the spirit of the “Year of Luigi” into 2014 by presenting the original Super Mario Bros. in its entirety… only this time you run right to left. Of special note, the opening demo videos have been removed from each game and replaced by including “watch the demo” as a challenge on certain titles.


               Okay Nintendo, I challenge you to make Super Luigi Kart…

Bottom line: The NES Remix universe has officially become “tangible.” In the first game it seemed as though classic games were “invaded” by bringing new twists to them… Now it seems as though the games have been brought into the world of NES Remix, instead of vice/versa. I struggled for an analogy to better describe this and the best I can come up with is the difference between the movie Gremlins and its sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch. I gave NES Remix a 10/10 and selected it as the best retro game remake ever on Perhaps, I am still a bit woozy due to the impact of the original game; because even though NES Remix 2  does have a stronger “gene pool” and a few cool new features, it doesn’t quite pack the wallop of its predecessor. This may be a case of “too much too soon.”

8/10- Thus saith the King.