The King of Video Games
Review- New Super Mario Bros. U

NSMBU is undoubtedly the intended “killer app” for the Wii U console. Fact is, it will be the best selling and most played game on the new console for the foreseeable future. So does it fill these Kuribo sized shoes? Yes it does. My first impression is that NSMBU somehow manages to fit securely into familiar territory as it breaks new ground for the series. Matter of fact, I would wager that if someone who has not played a Mario Bros. game since the NES played NSMBU, they would be able to easily navigate the menus and control Mario while at the same time be blown away by the beauty of the HD glory on the screen(s). 

                                                             Sure the acorn don’t fall from the tree. But when it looks this good, who cares?

We hope you like rodents because squirrels are everywhere in this game. From the new flying squirrel suit to the forests, deserts, and frozen tundras rife with the little critters. Apparently, climate change in the Mushroom Kingdom has forced the little fellers to migrate from their natural habitat.


                      Q- What are flying squirrels going to do tonight?

         A-The same thing they do every night, try to take over the world.

How does it look? Hands down it is the best looking Mario game ever, just as it should be. There will be moments in which you will just want to sit still and take in the scenery. When is the last time anyone could say that about a Mario game? Everything on the screen has personality, a trait many a platformer has tried to accomplish but has only ever been truly accomplished in Mario games. One way to get an idea of how far the graphics have come in this franchise is to pop in a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii into you Wii U. Just 3 years ago NSMBW was the visual pinnacle of 2D Mario games but compared to NSMBU, it is like making the jump from 8bit to 16bit again. Compare for yourself, NSMBU looks great!

How does it sound? If there is one area of the game which could have used more “new” it is the sound. With the exception of minor additions, we get the same soundtrack used for every game in this franchise. 

How does it play? You can control the game with the new Wii U Gamepad or a Wii Remote. In fact, it seems as though the game was made with the Wii Remote in mind since the title screen instructs us to “press 2.” However, the Wii U Gamepad gives has a twofold advantage because it has an analog stick and easy access to the touch screen for posting messages in the Miiverse. Either way, the on-screen action as is tight and precise as you would expect in a Mario game. Anyone familiar with the Mario universe will be right at home with the controls and even will have that “instinctual” understanding of how far Mario jumps, which mystery block has a power up inside, and the velocity and angle of every fireball you throw. This game does present a fair amount of challenge. Beginning with “world 2” you will start to lose lives, either by the difficulty of the stages themselves or by running out of time whilst looking for the star coins. 

What else? The Miiverse. It looks like it will become everything Nintendo said it would be…and more. Take equal parts social network and old school arcade chatter, mix thoroughly serve it up with easy access and there you have it! The newest and coolest thing in the Video Game world. 


          Baby Yoshi’s- We named them “Blowshi,” “Flowshi,” and “Glowshi” 

Bottom line- Nintendo has finally done it. By combining the greatest parts of Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World, NSMBU gives us the best of both worlds. Add to that a few new twists to the NSMB multi-player formula and you have the “killer app” for the Wii U. 

10/10- Thus saith the King